Darkfurr.org is one of the oldest sites (Possibly the oldest) dedicated to those who combine both the Gothic and the Furry.
The Site has been in something of a state of torpor for the last few years as it's creator has been busy with other projects. This we hope is changing as we speak. Watch the news section for details of the major changes about to befall the site.


As mentioned above Darkfurr.org is about to undergo massive change. As well as a huge change in style and an update of the out date html you will see a separation between Darkfurr.org and the Marcony zone (which will be moving over to Marcony.co.uk). They were one and the same because Darkfurr was my first proper website and became over time more a space for my stuff than the Gothic furry stuff. After nearly 12 years it's time for a change.

Also look out for our new mascot Scraps coming soon. He and the other changes will be starting on the front page and filtering out as time permits so hurry back to see what's going on.

Coming Soon

Scraps Guide To Furry Gothic

League of the Moon Coming Soon

Scraps Book